Cow Club is a not for profit Community Interest Company which provides an essential grazing service for the Lynchmere Commons nature reserve while also providing members with the finest quality meat with a positive ecological impact and the highest nutritional and welfare possible.

The Lynchmere commons are a vital habitat for many threatened species of plants and animals and they provide a haven for bird life, rare butterflies, reptiles and insects. The lowland heath and open woodland that cover the roughly 600 acres of the Lynchmere commons is a habitat that requires constant stewardship and care.

Grazing with the right kind of cattle, in the correct way, keeps the land open and controls the scrub, providing the conditions needed for heathland species to survive. This essential grazing has so far never been consistently provided in a financially viable way. Through collective ownership of the cows, based on an innovative new membership system, we aim to keep our commons grazed for future generations to enjoy.

We are supported by The Lynchmere Society and the South Downs National Park. We started the project using funding from the National Parks’ Heathlands Reunited project and have continued to benefit from their fantastic support.

This project relies on a strong membership and only then can we keep these cows doing their vital conservation work.

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