Our cow looker group visit the commons on a regular basis to check numbers, behaviour, and report on any issues. Lookers have access to our tracking app, which makes finding the cows on the commons a lot easier when out walking. 

If you are keen to volunteer, please get in touch. Dave or Gareth will provide a walk-round training session with you, including what to look for and how to report back.

Rod and Cherry Sterne talk about being Cow Lookers

We both remember finding the Lynchmere and Stanley commons for the first time: after driving down the road from Haslemere to Liphook as part of our commute for so many years, we had no idea what was on our doorstep. Years later, and we feel so lucky to have found this beautiful place to walk in and experience the turning of the year.

Having worked in the environment sector for most of our careers, we were excited by the opportunity to support the Cow Club as volunteer ‘cow lookers’. Checking the Belted Galloways who make up what we affectionately call the grazing team, has given us another excuse to explore the commons, soaking up the sights and sounds of the place, and deepening our connection.

As complete ‘newbies’ when it comes to cows, it’s been great to learn about these amazing creatures – but without any pressure, because it’s up to us when we go and check, there’s a handy app to help us locate them, and we know that the grazing team are checked daily by someone who knows about all things bovine! We’re really there as extra eyes and ears, to make sure the cows are OK, and to chat to people we may bump into.

The rewards for us have been many. We’ve had some magical encounters, as recently when we were checking the cows as the light was starting to fade and saw them emerging across the bracken out of the mist. We get the feel-good factor from knowing we are helping a really worthy enterprise. And we’ve got to meet the inspiring people who run the Cow Club. Volunteering really is fun, so if you’re interested, get in touch!